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Google developing new search engine

Google developing new search engine - Google developing search-engine box (search engines), which is still considered 'innocent'. A number of new features that have been installed on smartphones, such as searching images and sounds, will be an important feature which is the mainstay search engine Google. As quoted by the news station CNN, voice-recognition devices appear with a microphone to the right of the Google search box. However, this new voice-search available in Google's Chrome browser. Google officials also hope that this feature can be installed in other browsers. As the phone Android or iPhone, the Google search engine users can just click the microphone icon image on After that, say the word or question into the computer microphone. This technology will also be enhanced to recognize accents and contexts, to transcript voice into text. Image-based search (Image Search) will be launched next few days. "Every picture has a story. We want to help yo…

Gary Thuerk father of world spammer

Gary Thuerk father of world spammer - Gary Thuerk, Marketing Manager for Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), an American computer company, on May 3, 1978 to broadcast news about the latest computer sales company premiere in Los Angeles and San Mateo, California. Upon the knowledge of Carl Gartley, the owner who borrowed Thuerk email account, he sent the first spam to the computer network a number of universities and government agencies known as the ARPAnet, which is the ancestor of the Internet network.
At that time, there are thousands of people who connect to the network ARPAnet, and most of them are computer scientists. Thuerk himself intended to send email invitations to all 400 members of the ARPAnet which live in coastal western United States. However, instead of sending an email to each member one by one, as is standard procedure when it was, he decided to send just one email to all 400 people.
Suddenly, the steps taken Thuerk emotion sparked the scientific community who joine…

Bob Krause live with diabetes for 85 year

Someone who has been convicted of diabetes illness usually will not live long. However, a grandfather in the United States (U.S.) dispelled that notion. Seniors named Bob Krause has 85 years suffering from diabetes, but until now she still looks healthy for his age. According to news agency Associated Press (AP), Krause family birthday 90th last week. A leading diabetes research center to give a gift to Kraus, that is the first American to be able to live with diabetes for 85 years. In a celebration, Sunday, May 29, 2011, Krause received a medal from the Joslin Diabetes Center on the accomplishments that. "Bob managed to live longer than the average healthy person who was born in 1921," said Dr. Patricia Wu. According to Wu, a strong personality Krause became the basis for his longevity. "He knows how to deal with physical obstacles and make it as part of his life. He did not let his mental maturity," said Wu, as quoted by AP. Residents of San Diego was convicted of…

Nokia Oro specifications Review

Nokia Oro Review - Related news will be the presence of premium mobile phones Nokia, called Nokia Oro began to burst at the beginning of this month. Now, chic phone has been officially introduced by Nokia.
At first glance the Nokia Oro is similar to the 'brother' Nokia C7. However, Nokia Oro appear more exclusive with a bandage material 18 carat gold trim, sapphire crystal, and leather cover.
18 carat gold is used to frame around the front panel, buttons and parts around the camera lens is resistant to scratches so that its appeal will not be timeless. Skin that is used on the back panel reportedly imported directly from Scotland. While sapphire crystal material used to cover the claimed home button 8 times stronger than glass.
Other interesting aspect of this smartphone will be displayed, among them the latest updates pinned the Symbian operating system called Symbian Anna. Not only that, this smartphone also provided connectivity features slick, such as Wi-Fi, 3G HSDPA, micr…