Bob Krause live with diabetes for 85 year

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Someone who has been convicted of diabetes illness usually will not live long. However, a grandfather in the United States (U.S.) dispelled that notion. Seniors named Bob Krause has 85 years suffering from diabetes, but until now she still looks healthy for his age. According to news agency Associated Press (AP), Krause family birthday 90th last week. A leading diabetes research center to give a gift to Kraus, that is the first American to be able to live with diabetes for 85 years. In a celebration, Sunday, May 29, 2011, Krause received a medal from the Joslin Diabetes Center on the accomplishments that. "Bob managed to live longer than the average healthy person who was born in 1921," said Dr. Patricia Wu.
According to Wu, a strong personality Krause became the basis for his longevity. "He knows how to deal with physical obstacles and make it as part of his life. He did not let his mental maturity," said Wu, as quoted by AP. Residents of San Diego was convicted of diabetes at the age of five years. However, until now, he is able to survive with a malignant disease that. "I am a stubborn person. I refuse to give up," said Krause. According to him, the recipe a long life with diabetes is that he had been treating his body like a car. Just like a car that only has a limited fuel tank, Kraus was eating in moderation, no need to overdo it.
"By maintaining control of diabetes, we only consume food that is needed before the move," said Krause. "I eat only to survive, rather than always eating, or eating for pleasure," he continued. Every time a breakfast, Krause eating nuts and plums. He usually skipping lunch and eating salads and lean meat as a dinner menu. Krause recipe was very simple, yet proven effective for diabetics. Currently, 18.8 million Americans affected by diabetes and seven million more expected unknowingly living with the disease.
Krause suffered diabetes is type 1, which was referred to as juvenile diabetes. A common diabetes is type 2. About three million Americans living with type 1 diabetes. At that stage, the agency does not have enough people with insulin, needed to process blood sugar into energy. The cause of the disease is still unclear, because it depends on genetics and immunity level of the patient's body. Usually, people with diabetes are not able to live long, because they are exposed to great risk of serious health problems, including heart disease, stroke, blindness, kidney damage, and amputation of organs. Many patients also have to struggle regulate blood pressure.


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