Google developing new search engine

Google developing new search engine - Google developing search-engine box (search engines), which is still considered 'innocent'. A number of new features that have been installed on smartphones, such as searching images and sounds, will be an important feature which is the mainstay search engine Google. As quoted by the news station CNN, voice-recognition devices appear with a microphone to the right of the Google search box. However, this new voice-search available in Google's Chrome browser. Google officials also hope that this feature can be installed in other browsers.
As the phone Android or iPhone, the Google search engine users can just click the microphone icon image on After that, say the word or question into the computer microphone. This technology will also be enhanced to recognize accents and contexts, to transcript voice into text. Image-based search (Image Search) will be launched next few days. "Every picture has a story. We want to help you to find the story," said Johanna Wright, Director of Google Search.
Image Search, for example, can 'see' the family vacation photos, then find out where the photo was taken. Google's technology may enable a lot of answers will be a drawing, but the difficulty in recognizing faces in photographs. Then how do I use Image Search? Users latest browser, can drag photos into the Google search box. Additional features can also be used to install Google Toolbar in Firefox.
In addition, Google also equip themselves with Instant Pages. This feature will bring up previous search results, even before the user clicked the link. This feature is only available in the Chrome browser.


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