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Nokia E7 a new communicator

Nokia E7 Review - Wrapped in a solid aluminum material, a top mobile smartphone looks elegant and feels solid when viewed at admission grip. Its dimensions are 123.7 x 62.4 x 13.6 mm, and weighs 176 grams is quite bongsor signing in the bag.

Slightly different from previous designs, this time in addition to pinning the touch screen technology, nokia include a QWERTY keypad on NOKIA E7 with back stand on display when we do a slide, much like the character design of the Nokia N97. Although the packaging comes with a full keypad, NOKIA E7 was minimal access switches. On the left side we find the unlock switch to the concept of sliding, opposite switch zoom / volume enclosed by the SIM card slot (hotswap) and the camera button.
Access to the most optimal range is at the top of the phone, ie a micro USB port, HDMI port, power switch, and a slot 3.5 mm universal audio jack. The face of the phone is dominated glass scratch resistant glass gorilla who accompanied the menu access button. While…

Viacom CEO most highest salary in the world

Viacom CEO most highest income in the world - About 20 executives of the world have incomes up to millions of U.S. dollars during 2010. The chief executive officer (CEO) was compensated up to twice even tripled over last year. CNN report said - referring to research conducted by Equilar Inc.., An executive pay research company based in California, United States - calculated the income it received includes salary, bonus payments based on performance, rewards in the form of new shares, and other compensation. From the results of research known that the CEO of Viacom, Philippe P. Dauman, an executive with the highest salary of up to U.S. $ 84.46 million during 2010. Revenue at the number one company in the field of media is from U.S. $ 2.625 million salary, a bonus of U.S. $ 11.25 million, an award in the form of new shares to U.S. $ 41.83 million, the option granted to U.S. $ 28.62 million, and other income of U.S. $ 141 thousand .
Dauman served as President Director and CEO of Viacom s…

Tornado hit Joplin, USA May 2011

Tornado hit Joplin, USA - Hurricane tornado hit the town Joplin, the state of Missouri, United States, making the third city in ruins. Not yet released the death toll, but the alleged victim in the tens of people. Reporting from the page the Associated Press, Monday, May 23, 2011, storm happened on Sunday evening local time. Strong winds make all in its path were destroyed, some debris even wind up to 112 kilometers away. The houses are mostly made ​​of wood collapsed, cars overturned in the wind, and trees ripped from their roots. The road is still difficult to access because of the many ruins which cover almost the entire road section. The communication line is also broken, difficult process of recovery.
"I'd say about 75 percent of the city was destroyed," said Kathy Dennis of the American Red Cross.
There has been no official reports of deaths of local government city of Joplin. However, the AP get the news as many as 24 people are confirmed dead. Confirmed, a spokes…

Leonardo DiCaprio Love Story

Leonardo DiCaprio Love Story - Who does not know Leonardo DiCaprio? His features appeal to many women since starred in the movie Titanic in 1997. Since then, a series of beautiful women in turns to accompany him biting. As quoted from page Popeater, Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be so adored young woman flawless in image, blond hair and sexy body. Not surprisingly, he often dating world-class model. Most recently, he was reportedly having an affair with a Chanel model, Blake Lively. On entering the age of 36 years, Leo seems to still have the charm to lure the young and beautiful woman.

Despite his age continues to grow, his taste of women has not changed. If you view her love of travel, he almost always anchored in women aged 20-something years. "Leo getting older, but age daughter was always the same," said close friend. Just look at the story. At the age of 27 years, Gisele Bundchen dating Leo at that time was 21 years old. After establish love during 2002 to 2005, their sto…

Sharp Aquos Phone Hybrid 007 SH Review

Sharp Aquos Phone Hybrid 007 SH - Android phone has progressed quite rapidly, both in the software, as well as from its form factor. It's like looking from a smartphone that introduced Japanese electronics manufacturer, Sharp, recently.
It is THE HYBRID PHONE AQUOS 007SH, the phone Android-powered 2.3 with 16 MP camera plus screen measuring 3.4 "FWVGA stereoscopic. And interestingly, the phone can be regarded as the first Android phone comes with a clamshell design (clam shell).
AQUOS 007SH is also going to present to treat other interesting features, such as secondary screen 0.7 "OLED, and connectivity features like Wi-Fi b / g / n, Bluetooth 3.0, and GPS.
Not quite got there, there are a series of other features that are also present in this phone, such as a microSD card slot can accommodate up to 32 GB of data, 720p video recording, digital TV tuner, and microHDMI port port. Terrible, smartphones dimension 113 × 51.8 × 19.3 mm and weighs just 140 g. It also has other …

Bacteria in the intestine affect your behavior

Bacteria in the intestine affect your behavior - Thousands of live bacteria in the human intestine. In addition to providing benefits, the presence of bacteria, sometimes also harm humans. A recent study revealed that bacteria in the gut can influence human behavior. According to research done by researchers from McMaster University, the bacteria in the gut can affect the chemicals in the brain and affect human behavior. This finding is very important, because this type of stomach diseases, including irritable bowel, often associated with anxiety or depression.
In addition, there is also speculation that say psychological problems, such as symptoms of autism, is associated with the bacteria contained in the gut. "The results are amazing provide impetus for further penelitihan against disease-causing microbes component behavior," said professor of medicine and researcher of Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine, Stephen Collins as reported, Friday, May 20, 2011.…