Tornado hit Joplin, USA May 2011

Tornado hit Joplin, USA - Hurricane tornado hit the town Joplin, the state of Missouri, United States, making the third city in ruins. Not yet released the death toll, but the alleged victim in the tens of people. Reporting from the page the Associated Press, Monday, May 23, 2011, storm happened on Sunday evening local time. Strong winds make all in its path were destroyed, some debris even wind up to 112 kilometers away. The houses are mostly made ​​of wood collapsed, cars overturned in the wind, and trees ripped from their roots. The road is still difficult to access because of the many ruins which cover almost the entire road section. The communication line is also broken, difficult process of recovery.
"I'd say about 75 percent of the city was destroyed," said Kathy Dennis of the American Red Cross.
There has been no official reports of deaths of local government city of Joplin. However, the AP get the news as many as 24 people are confirmed dead. Confirmed, a spokesman for the city of Joplin, Lynn Onstot, said the death is estimated more than that. "We fear there are more than that, 24 people is only approximate minimum amount ,"said Onstot .
Storm damage in the city of Joplin, USA. Onstot said the storm that happened yesterday is more severe than a similar storm last month in the southern United States that killed 300 people. He said that the storm a tornado struck a hospital full of patients, a construction shop, a business center and restaurant.
Keith Stammer, head of the rescue team said that at least 2,000 buildings damaged in the town of 50,000 people. Worst hit by the storm are hospital St. John's Regional Medical Center. "If you see an image from World War II, the damage caused by storm just like in the picture," said the head of a collapsed school Joplin, Kerry Sachetta.


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