Viacom CEO most highest salary in the world

Viacom CEO most highest income in the world - About 20 executives of the world have incomes up to millions of U.S. dollars during 2010. The chief executive officer (CEO) was compensated up to twice even tripled over last year. CNN report said - referring to research conducted by Equilar Inc.., An executive pay research company based in California, United States - calculated the income it received includes salary, bonus payments based on performance, rewards in the form of new shares, and other compensation. From the results of research known that the CEO of Viacom, Philippe P. Dauman, an executive with the highest salary of up to U.S. $ 84.46 million during 2010. Revenue at the number one company in the field of media is from U.S. $ 2.625 million salary, a bonus of U.S. $ 11.25 million, an award in the form of new shares to U.S. $ 41.83 million, the option granted to U.S. $ 28.62 million, and other income of U.S. $ 141 thousand .
Dauman served as President Director and CEO of Viacom since September 2006 and has been a member of the board of directors since January 1, 2006. Position previously Dauman is a director since 1987. Prior to joining Viacom, Dauman had previously worked as co-chairman and CEO of a private equity firm, DND Capital Partners LLC, specializing in the field of media and telecommunications investments. Earnings beat Ray R. Dauman Irani who is at the head of oil company Occidental Petroleum. As the boss of oil company, last year Irani earn revenue of U.S. $ 76.107 million. Income consists of U.S. $ 1.191 million salary, a bonus of U.S. $ 32.97 million, an award in the form of new shares to U.S. $ 40.25 million, and other income of U.S. $ 1.69 million. Unlike Dauman, Irani does not earn revenue from the source options granted.
76-year-old man has become chairman and CEO of Occidental Petroleum Corporation since 1990 and served as president from 2005-2007. Irani will be appointed as executive chairman in May 2011. Dauman income that was defeated CEO and founder of the company's information technology, Lawrence J. Ellison, who earn income during 2010 amounted to U.S. $ 70.14 million or equivalent to Rp631, 26 billion. As a CEO who has long controlled the Oracle of 1977, Ellison pocketed a salary income in 2010 amounted to U.S. $ 250 thousand.
The biggest income executives who are considered visionary in the field of information technology is derived from options granted which reached U.S. $ 61.94 million. Meanwhile, income from a bonus of U.S. $ 6.45 million. Ellison's coffers money getting fatter with additional income from other sources which reached U.S. $ 1.49 million.


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