Samsung Galaxy S III review

Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung GALAXY S III really understand us. Small things, like staying active when you see it and keep up to date with the people closest to us. Designed for humans, beyond the intellect and satisfy your need to think as you think, act like you do.
S Voice 
Get the response from your cell phone! Say to wake you up! Even more than that, you can tell the Samsung GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let you fall asleep soon. Answer your phone (or reject the call), raising the volume of your music (or shrink), and even gave the cue when the camera starts shooting.
Social Tag 
Now even easier to stay up to date with friends and the people closest to you. Social Tag lets you connect a face in a photo album with their social media streams. Once set, you have to do is look at the picture and you will see their latest status appears.
Direct Call 
Samsung GALAXY S III even know when you want to talk. When you're writing a message and decide to call, simply pick up the phone and hold to your ear and Direct Call will immediately initiate the call for you. No need to search a call log or contacts. Let the Samsung GALAXY S III to do so.
Smart Stay 
Smart with innovative features, the Samsung GALAXY S III automatically recognize when you see the phone, whether it is reading e-books or browsing the web. Front of the cameras look deep into your eyes and maintain a clear view to keep your vision comfort. A brilliant idea. 
Smart Alert
When you pick up the phone, of course, it would be nice if you know what happens when you go. Samsung GALAXY S III know when you come back and give a short vibration touch to tell you about missed calls and new messages. So attention is not it?
S Beam
Share your content with close friends become easier, faster, and even fun. S Beam lets you connect directly until you can transfer documents, contacts, images, music, video, and other things. Simply attach the back of your cell phone simultaneously and instantly, connect, share and enjoy the simplicity.
AllShare Play
There is one more way to share content on various devices. That is AllShare Play, and allows us to work together through the magic of DLNA and Wi-Fi Direct, which gives us remote access to documents and multimedia files while we work on a different screen elsewhere.
Buddy Photo Share 
Nothing is easier to manage and share your photos. This phone is able to recognize faces and connect them to you, using the group's profile as a guide. Now you can simply touch it when I want to share with everyone instantly.
AllShare Cast
Is not it nice to reflect on your phone screen to the big screen without wires? Now you can do it. Cast AllShare allow for this and so perfect for gamers. After the game you play is displayed, you can use your phone as a controller buttons with gestures. Without cables, without the hassle.
The design is minimalist and organic Samsung GALAXY S III is reflected in the fine lines and non-linear on the phone. Influence of human-centric provide ergonomic and comfortable experience with the use of enhanced. Comfortable in the hand, gentle curves and organic forms of platinum and feel of natural design.
Pop-up Play 
Do things together on screen Samsung GALAXY S III 4.8 "HD Super AMOLED so easy and fun. With Pop-up play, and Quad-Core processors are powerful, you can watch HD video in another window when sending email or text simultaneously. Change the size of the video, scroll to where you want it on the screen, and chatting with friends or surfing the web. Do not miss any of the action.
4.8 HD Super AMOLED
This is what we call the reality on the high-definition 4.8-inch screen and an amazing visual experience. With its natural color and a very fast response time, HD video playback is very sharp. Type of display is energy efficient and extraordinary thin.
Best Photo
Samsung GALAXY S III find the best view, make sure you never miss a smile or shooting someone when he blinks. This phone automatically takes 8 pictures in sequence to create a continuous scene and will select the best one of the 8 pictures for you.


  1. Samsung Galaxy S III is my wish list smartphone


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