Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta, Indonesia

After some consideration, the concert promoter Big Daddy finally cancel the Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta. One reason for the cancellation it is security. As is known, some time ago a lot of those who oppose the arrival of the 'Mother Monster'. In fact, the police also seemed difficult to give permission concert planned to be held on June 3, 2012.
Big Daddy admitted there is a threat to security of particular groups of the concert. "Security is a major reason," said the attorney of Big Daddy, Minola Sebayang when found in the Nutz Culture, Senayan City, Jakarta, Sunday 27 May 2012.
Recognized the Big Daddy, the cancellation is done by the management Lady Gaga. The promoter also promised to reimburse concert tickets. "Lady Gaga manager who canceled the concert," said CEO of Big Daddy, Michael Rusli.


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