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Apple and Samsung dominate smartphone market 2012

Apple and Samsung again dominate the global smartphone market, after they had ordered to secure the 55% market share and reap 90% profit in the first quartal of 2012.
According to ABI Research reported the results of the study, the overall smartphone shipments to grow from year to year by 41% with a rate of about 114.6 also sending unit in the quarter ended in March 2012 then.
In the first quarter of 2012 Apple managed to send 35 million iPhone units, while the Samsung with its Android devices had shipped 43 million units. Nokia entrenched in third place with 11.9 million units, followed by RIM with 11.1 million units. The Sony (7 million units), Huawei (6.8 million units), and ZTE (4.9 million) trailed the fourth vendor.
Unlike the Samsung and Sony who experienced sequential growth in the global smartphone shipments from the previous quarter, Nokia instead was asked to decline to 40% market share, which now bring it closer to the RIM.
Nokia is the conditions experienced by analysts incr…

Samsung Galaxy S III will launch in Indonesia?

Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung Indonesia has made its debut Samsung Galaxy S III. This smartphone is immediately invaded by the buyer since dawn. The line itself was orderly with a police escort. "Before we open earlier sale, the buyer who comes has reached 500 people. This must be increased until noon," explained Head of Product Marketing Alven Desnecmen, through the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III, in Central Park, Jakarta, Saturday 2 June 2012.
Alven add, for its debut today, Samsung Indonesia set up about 1,500 units of Samsung Galaxy S III. But when finished, it will continue to supply the demand stops. "We will be open throughout the day. Until Mall Central Park is closed. We've got 1,500 units, but if there is more demand than supply our customers continue too," he added.
Although not the first, true Indonesia is also included in the first wave of selling the Samsung Galaxy S III. Election date on the weekend is based less attractive when launched during …

Samsung Galaxy S III review

Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung GALAXY S III really understand us. Small things, like staying active when you see it and keep up to date with the people closest to us. Designed for humans, beyond the intellect and satisfy your need to think as you think, act like you do.
S Voice 
Get the response from your cell phone! Say to wake you up! Even more than that, you can tell the Samsung GALAXY S III to turn off the alarm for a few minutes and let you fall asleep soon. Answer your phone (or reject the call), raising the volume of your music (or shrink), and even gave the cue when the camera starts shooting.
Social Tag 
Now even easier to stay up to date with friends and the people closest to you. Social Tag lets you connect a face in a photo album with their social media streams. Once set, you have to do is look at the picture and you will see their latest status appears.
Direct Call 
Samsung GALAXY S III even know when you want to talk. When you're writing a message and decide to call, si…

Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta, Indonesia

After some consideration, the concert promoter Big Daddy finally cancel the Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta. One reason for the cancellation it is security. As is known, some time ago a lot of those who oppose the arrival of the 'Mother Monster'. In fact, the police also seemed difficult to give permission concert planned to be held on June 3, 2012.
Big Daddy admitted there is a threat to security of particular groups of the concert. "Security is a major reason," said the attorney of Big Daddy, Minola Sebayang when found in the Nutz Culture, Senayan City, Jakarta, Sunday 27 May 2012.
Recognized the Big Daddy, the cancellation is done by the management Lady Gaga. The promoter also promised to reimburse concert tickets. "Lady Gaga manager who canceled the concert," said CEO of Big Daddy, Michael Rusli.