Samsung Galaxy S III will launch in Indonesia?

Samsung Galaxy S III - Samsung Indonesia has made its debut Samsung Galaxy S III. This smartphone is immediately invaded by the buyer since dawn. The line itself was orderly with a police escort. "Before we open earlier sale, the buyer who comes has reached 500 people. This must be increased until noon," explained Head of Product Marketing Alven Desnecmen, through the launch of Samsung Galaxy S III, in Central Park, Jakarta, Saturday 2 June 2012.
Alven add, for its debut today, Samsung Indonesia set up about 1,500 units of Samsung Galaxy S III. But when finished, it will continue to supply the demand stops. "We will be open throughout the day. Until Mall Central Park is closed. We've got 1,500 units, but if there is more demand than supply our customers continue too," he added.
Although not the first, true Indonesia is also included in the first wave of selling the Samsung Galaxy S III. Election date on the weekend is based less attractive when launched during weekdays. As is known, Samsung Galaxy S III has a screen size of 4.8 inches or greater 22% from the previous generation. It includes a screen that has been equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass 2.


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