Ashley Cole with lingerie model

Footballer Ashley Cole has recently expressed its intention to reconcile with his ex-wife, Cheryl. However, Ashley seemed to have not been able to eliminate the habit as a seducer of women. As reported by The Sun, Tuesday (19/07/2011), a sexy model from the United States named Jessyca Rayanne claimed Ashley had asked to send nude photos. It also happened the day before Ashley met Cheryl on 14 June. Jessyca admitted that she had a relationship with Ashley Cole for several months now. Destiny Monique, one of Jessyca's friends also said they had met Ashley Cole was in a rented house with his friend Ashley, Shaun Wright-Phillips.
"Ashley went into the hot tub with Jessyca. They were there several hours, playing around and kissing. Then they went into the room and we did not see them anymore," said Destiny. Ashley Cole is known as a playboy. In fact, when married to Cheryl, Ashley had an affair with some woman. Many people who do not support Cheryl's decision to return to the arms of Ashley. They believe Ashley will hurt her again.


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